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One of the prime features of our business is customer privacy and we are quite conscious about it. Here at Brian Cannabis Dispensary, we have designed our Privacy Policy for using and protecting the customer details that we have collected from our customers. Visitors are requested to check our policy before submitting their private details to our website.

To speak the truth, we ask some details from our clients to improve our services and to make them more customer-friendly. You can provide us those details by filling up the given form. Our privacy policy will help you to know that how we use, maintain, and protect to improve our service.

Details that we need from our customers

We never use cookies and this is why we ask few details from our clients. These details help us to understand the requirements of our customers. We use all those details that are submitted by our customers voluntarily to improve our services. Here we mentioned those details that are needed

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

These details that are mentioned before help us to notify our clients about our services. We never use those details for promotional purposes.

How we use, maintain, and protect our clients’ details?

We always take the best care of those details that we collect from our clients. Since we collect the banking details of our clients so, we protect those details properly.

We never use those details for promotional purposes and this is why we never share our clients’ details with any third party. We store the details that we collect from our clients in our secure database. To prevent those details from the malware attack, we use the advanced antivirus.

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