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  • Type: Indica
  • Rating: 8.8
  • The level of THC content: Up to 21% usually around to 19%
  • Appearance: As its name indicates, it is a beautiful purple hue. It has a light and dark green buds. It is sticky and extremely resinous.
  • Smell: It comes with a very sweet smell and helps the users to enjoy a marvelous grape-taste. The smell that has is slightly piney with sandalwood undertones.
  • Medical effects: It is the best for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, appetite, depression, and migraines.
  • Created feeling: It creates a euphoric buzz that is quite relaxing. It is a great product to be used for getting rid of neck and spine pain. The taste that it has is wonderful and helps the users to feel uplifted.
  • Duration: You can enjoy the effect for 2 hours




Make the purchase of  buy Granddaddy Purple Kush online

Here, you are offer to buy Granddaddy Purple Kush online.We are offering you to buy Granddaddy Purple Kush online. This Indica dominant strain is the cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. It comes with a berry and grape aroma. The nugs of this strain are extremely dense and fuzzy with deep purple hues that run throughout the buds. Also, the nugs are cover by orange hairs and make a good contrast with its resin-coated buds.

What really makes this strain incomparable to others is that it can be identified easily by its taste.  The taste that it has lingers on the tongue for longer and makes the users feel relaxed. The psychoactive effects that it provides are evidently detectable in both body and mind. It provides the users with an overwhelming feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. After making the consumption of it, you will find yourself in a state where your thoughts float in a dreamy buzz. Just like other Indica strains, it can also be used to treat some medical complications. It is much effective for the patients who are suffering from appetite loss, pain, insomnia, muscles spasms and stress. In order to experience its effects, buy Granddaddy Purple online.

The experience that the users of this strain can enjoy 

We are offering you to buy Granddaddy Purple Kush online. It is a classic India. People who are in need of some sleep or suffering from chronic pain or just need to chill out can consider using this product. This strain came onto the scene back in 2003 from San Francisco Bay breeder Ken Estes. From that time, it has become one of the most demanding Indicas available on dispensary shelves.

It is create by making a cross between two rockstar strains, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. However, the genetics of this strain is strikingly similar to that of Grape Ape. It goes without saying that this strain has the ability to be a favorite among medical patients and recreational users.

Though this strain is an Indica, it has a tendency to provide a bit of euphoric medical high. As the THC level in it can run as high as 23%, new consumers are advise to be slow with this strain.

Medical benefits that Granddaddy Purple offers

This strain is cherished for its effects that can help the users to feel relaxed and calm. Also, it offers several medical effects that are truly lucrative.

  • People who are suffering from stress disorder can make the use of it.
  • It can also be use by the individuals who are suffering from depression and chronic pain.
  • This strain is much useful for those who are suffering from a lack of appetite as it helps the users to feel hungry.

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