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  • Type: Indica
  • Grade: B+
  • Appearance: Light green with bright thick orange hair.
  • Smell: Other than the light smell of an earthy herb there is no smell.
  • Tate: Like the smell, there is no really no taste.
  • Effects: recommended to be used at night time. It is one of those strains that induce extreme hunger. It provides strong Indica effects with a clear head. It can be used in order to get relief from pain. It is good for treating nausea, stress, asthma and mild pain.
  • Notes: This is good to be used as medicine. It comes with no taste and smell. The gorgeous look of it is amazing. If it came with a good smell and taste, it would get ‘A’ grade rating.




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You are offer to buy Orange Kush online as it is  powerful Indica-dominant hybrid that has been describe as almost narcotic. advise to pick up this flower when you have nothing to get done.

This is a powerful Indica hybrid with sedative and pain-fighting qualities. Its consider as an evening flower and the sleepy experience that this strain provides is complement by a happy and rewarding euphoria.

The effects that the users of Orange Kush can enjoy

Orange Kush is a powerful strain that provides the users with happy effects. This is because Indica-dominant strain packs a narcotic punch and provides a powerful sleep. As it makes the users feeling hungry. Besides that  it can be consider as a great choice.This is because of those who are suffering from the problem of loss of appetite.

According to some users, the experience that this strain offers may start with a head-centered elevation. The heavy-bodied effects that it provides relax the muscles and ease the body into a calm relaxation.

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