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    buy Afghan Kush online


    • Type: Indica
    • Level of THC content: Up to 15%
    • Medical effects: Best for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain, migraines, and depression
    • Feelings: Provides a sleepy feeling
    • Smell: Mango mixed with a musty basement
    • Duration: Generally two hours
    • Similar strain: Afghani

    Buy Bubba Kush Pre-Rolled Joints


    • Rating: 8.7
    • Genetics: OG Kush x Bubble Gum
    • Type: An Indica hybrid
    • The level of THC content: 17%-23%
    • The level of CBD content: .15 – .4%
    • Appearance: It is visually attractive. It comes with an abundance of trichomes and short skinny red hairs. Also, it comes with a tight resin coated buds.
    • Smell: Very musky and sweet
    • Taste: Has a great Kush taste which is sweet and earthy
    • Feelings that it provides: Provides a relaxing body high.
    • Duration: The effect can be enjoyed for 2 to 3 hours.
    • Similar Strains: OG Kush, G -13 and MK Ultra.

    Buy Cookies Marijuana Online


    • Type: An Indica dominant strain
    • Combination: Girl Scout Cookies with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush
    • Effects: Help the users to feel happy, relaxed and euphoric
    • Medical treatment: Can be used to get rid of pain and stress
    • The level of THC content: 24%
    • The level of CBD content: 1%
    • Flavors: Comes with a cookie-like flavor

    Buy Granddaddy Purple online


    • Type: Indica
    • Rating: 8.8
    • The level of THC content: Up to 21% usually around to 19%
    • Appearance: As its name indicates, it is a beautiful purple hue. It has a light and dark green buds. It is sticky and extremely resinous.
    • Smell: It comes with a very sweet smell and helps the users to enjoy a marvelous grape-taste. The smell that has is slightly piney with sandalwood undertones.
    • Medical effects: It is the best for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, appetite, depression, and migraines.
    • Created feeling: It creates a euphoric buzz that is quite relaxing. It is a great product to be used for getting rid of neck and spine pain. The taste that it has is wonderful and helps the users to feel uplifted.
    • Duration: You can enjoy the effect for 2 hours

    Buy Hindu Kush online


    • Product type: An Indica strain
    • The level of THC content: It can reach 20%
    • Effects: Help the users to feel relaxed
    • Medical use: It can be used for attaining relief from pain and can also be used for appetite stimulating.
    • Appearance: Covered in trichomes
    • Aroma: Comes with a subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma

    Buy Kosher Kush online


    • Rating: 9.8
    • Type: Indica
    • The level of THC content: 22% – 25%
    • Appearance: Mall thick nuggets that are dark or light green. It is covered in nice trichomes.
    • Smell: Has the OG Kush smell that is musky with a hint of sweetness
    • Medical effects: Can be used for treating insomnia
    • Delivered feelings: provides the users with a well-balanced body and cerebral high.
    • Duration: 1.5 hours

    Buy Mater Kush online


    • Type: Indica
    • Genetics:  The cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk
    • The level of THC content: Usually between 18% and 21%
    • Appearance: Buds come with a cover of trichomes. The buds have a tendency to be light green and covered with red and orange hairs.
    • Smell: The smell that it has is wonderfully sweet, skunky and Kush like.
    • Medical effects: It is the best for treating insomnia, pain, appetite, depression, and migraines
    • The feelings that it delivers: When making the consumption of this strain, first you will get a Sativa like pop in creativity in the head. But, remember, smoking too much of this strain will lead you to have a long nap.
    • Duration: The high usually lasts over two hours
    • Similar strains: OG Kush, Chemdawg, and Abusive OG

    Buy Obama Kush Online


    • Obama Kush is a balanced Indica marijuana strain that is beneficial for all medical patients
    • It helps people to feel happy and euphoric
    • The level of THC content in it is between 14 to 21% and it helps people to get some mental relief
    • Obama Kush is highly sedative and this is why it helps people to cure muscle spasms and chronic pain
    • Since it has powerful pain fighting effects so, it is used for treating spinal cord injury

    Buy True OG Kush Online


    • It is the combination of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush
    • OG Kush will leave you feeling energized
    • Treating depression, chronic pain, and stress
    • It comes with a kush-like aroma redolent
    • Its THC level is 24%

    Buy Purple Kush Online


    • 100% pure Indica
    • Cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani
    • Help you to feel relaxed and euphoric
    • The level of THC content is upward of 20%
    • Useful for treating chronic pain, sleeplessness etc.

    White Berry


    • Popular hybrid strain comes with a delicious taste
    • Combination of White Widow and DJ Short Blueberry
    • It comes with strong and sweet berry smell
    • THC composition is 18%
    • Offers relief from stress and pain

    Buy Amnesia Haze Online


    • Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid
    • In it, the Sativa to Indica ratio is about 80:20
    • It comes with the earthy flavors of lemon and citrus
    • It’s a great strain for daytime use
    • It’s a great choice for treating anxiety and depression

    Buy Durban Poison Online


    • Durban Poison is a pure Sativa marijuana strain
    • Its known for its sweet smell and energy boosting effect
    • This strain produces strong and clear-headed effects
    • It’s a perfect strain to help you stay productive
    • It provides users with a euphoric and energized high

    Jack Herer


    • Jack Herer is a well-known and popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.
    • It is commonly used in the day-time for boosting energy.
    • This cannabis strain is a mixture of Shiva Skunk, haze, Northern Lights #5.
    • It has a strong, spicy and pine-like aroma.
    • This sativa is effectively used to get rid of stress.

    Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana online


    • Sour Diesel is also known by the name “Sour D”.
    • It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.
    • This has a 90:10 Sativa/ Indica ratio
    • This hybrid strain has a very strong diesel-like aroma.
    • Sour D is used widely for pain management and as a stress-reliever.

    Buy Moon Rock Pre-rolled Joints Online


    • Moonrock: Each pre-rolled joint contains 1.5 gram of Moonrock
    • The level of THC content: 51.2%
    • Medical effects: It can be used for nausea and pain reduction. Also, you can use it for stimulating appetite.

    Buy Moon Rocks online


    • The level of THC content: 51.2%
    • The level of CBD content: .15%
    • Medical effects: It can be used for pain and nausea reduction. You can also use it for stimulating appetite.
    • Created feelings: It provides the users with a super duper high.

    Buy AK-47 Marijuana online


    • AK- 47 is a hybrid of a Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant
    • This hybrid has a short flowering time of 56-63 days
    • It is well-known as a potent element for complete relaxation
    • Used as an appetite enhancer for the medical properties
    • Enjoy a strong but sweet fruity aroma when consuming it
    • It’s mostly spicy with a bit of sweet flavor taste

    Buy AK-48 Marijuana Online


    • The AK-48 has the origin from Ice and Jock Horror
    • The flowering time of the cannabis element is 7-8 weeks
    • The THC Content is 17-20% and CBD Content is 0.10%-0.23%
    • The proportion of Indica and Sativa strain is in 65%-35%
    • This is well-known for relieving stress, depression, and appetite loss
    • It offers an energetic, creative, and uplifting feeling in the mind

    Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana online


    • Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a powerful and Sativa-dominant Cannabis Strain
    • This is used for treating medical conditions like sleep disorder
    • Highly potent for experiencing an elevated cerebral head high
    • Used as a daytime element for enjoying a whole day comfort
    • The flowering time for the Cannabis Strain is 9-10 weeks
    • This has a moderate THC Content of 16% to 23%

    Buy Banana Kush online


    • Type: Indica hybrid
    • The level of CBD content: 1%
    • The level of THC content: 18 – 25%
    • Origin: OG Kush and Skunk Haze
    • Smell: It comes with a nice fruity taste and a banana-like smell
    • Medical effects: You can use it in order to treat sleep disorder and insomnia. People who are suffering from pain or fighting a stress-battle can consider using it.
    • Delivered feelings: It helps the users to feel creative, euphoric, happy and relaxed
    • Duration: You can enjoy the relaxing high around an hour and a half

    Buy Blackberry kush Online


    • Type: Indica hybrid
    • The level of THC content: 14% – 20%
    • Origins: Blackberry x Afghani
    • Appearance: It has dense dark green buds with hues of purple that are completely coated in trichomes and thin orange pistils.
    • Smell: The smell that it has is a mix of fuel, berry, and spice
    • Delivered feelings: It delivers a mellow body high that keeps the users alert not tired and lazy
    • Medical effects: It can be used for treating insomnia and pain
    • Duration: you can enjoy its high for an hour or two.
    • Similar strains: Bubba Kush, Godfather OG, and Tahoe OG
    • Rating: 9.3

    Buy Blue Cookies Marijuana online


    • Type: Hybrid
    • The level of THC content: 25%
    • The level of CBD content: 2%
    • Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry
    • Smell: It will make you remember those days when you went to grandmother’s house, visited the kitchen and got the aroma of the freshly baked sugar cookies.
    • Appearance: This strain greets you with glistening, gorgeous blue nuggets. All the nugs are extremely dense and come with a very little stem. This is one of the most magnificent looking marijuana strains.
    • Medical effects: It can be used for treating ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia, lack of appetite and pain.
    • Delivered feelings: It helps the users to be creative, euphoric, relaxed, happy, and uplifted.
    • Duration: Its high lasts 2 to 3 hours
    • Rating: 8.9
    • Similar strains: Blueberry, Berry and Orange Kush

    Buy Blue Dream Marijuana Online  


    • A perfect blend of Classic cannabis strains Blueberry and Haze
    • It shares an equal proportion of both the Cannabis Strains
    • Long-lasting reaction experienced in the form of Euphoria, and relaxation
    • It is a super smooth and strong Indica-dominant Cannabis Strain
    • Get complete relief from health conditions such as muscle spasm
    • This is enriched with THC Content of 17 to 24%